We are very lucky to have our walls and shelves adorned with beautiful artwork from local artists. Some of the work is our private collection, but most is for sale. These are the artists currently displayed at The Black Rock:


Lar Cann

Lar Cann’s paintings are much closer to the natural world than they seem. But rather than a more traditional view of landscape it is the hidden world revealed by quarrying, mining and mineralogy that is the stimulus; activities long associated with Cornwall and the Cornish. Lar was born in Plymouth and has studied at Plymouth College of Art, where he also received an NDD Painting Special. His work is held in collections in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and Mallorca.


Judy Symons

Judy Symons, head chef David’s mum, was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, and moved to St Ives in 1973. Judy likes to work from the figure in charcoal, oil and watercolours. Her work also includes large watercolours of landscapes, seascapes, portraiture, and animals, together with sculpture and pencil drawings. Judy’s work can be found in the private collection of Slaughter & May, London and in private collections in Singapore, Australia, South Africa, USA, Italy and New Zealand.


Jeremy Leach

Jeremy Leach, grandson of Bernard Leach, was born in 1941 in Carbis Bay near St Ives, where his father, David Leach, was working at the Leach Pottery. He started potting at a very early age – around five – under his father’s instruction and was then able to further his experience at school. After a year in Lebanon he taught at Harrow School and at Morley College in London. Since 1970 he has lived at Bovey Tracey in Devon, and has potted, on and off, at Lowerdown Pottery.


Lloyd Peters

Cornish potter Lloyd Peters states that simplicity is key in his work. Softly thrown, his work is without unnecessary adornment, the form and glazes speaking for themselves. He embraces functionality, considering that something that functions well will, in the log run, be more rewarding than something purely decorative. Working in high-fired stoneware, his glazes are developed and refined over time.